Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy

Student Conduct Policy


There is a designated area for smoking which will be discussed the first day of class.


Please talk softly when you need to, as others are trying to concentrate on learning and their work. Respect your fellow students and the pets you work on. Maintain a professional attitude.


No phone calls incoming or outgoing unless it is an emergency.  Cell phones as well as other personal items should be placed in your locker and taken out only during breaks.


Your work area will be cleaned daily. This includes cleaning of table, floor, blades etc. Work areas should be left in a condition that would start you in a clean environment every morning.


You are required to wear the uniform top provided in your tool kit. Your appearance should project a good image of you at all times. Only rubber-soled, closed-toe shoes are allowed. If shorts are worn they must be 3” or longer than uniform top.   Jewelry must be kept to a minimum. No hoop ears as they may get cause in injury your ear.


Lunch time is 30 minutes. Pet Stylists and Bathers need to be flexible as you are working with pets that have finish times.


Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy has searched and compared grooming tools and prices.

The tools required for this course are the basic amount you will need to start your styling and or bathing career. In the future you will probably want to add back-ups and other equipment that will suit your needs.

As can happen with all mechanical items, occasionally a tool or blade is defective. There is a manufacturer’s warranty and the manufacturers are excellent at honoring this warranty. Your tools should be inspected the first day. If you have a non cutting tool or blade, it will be replaced after inspection by the instructor. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE BOXES OR MARK YOUR TOOLS until you are sure that everything works properly. Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy or the manufacturer WILL NOT ACCEPT any tools for replacement without a box or that has been marked. If a tool is broken or will not cut after this replacement, the student is responsible for the cost of shipping the tool to the manufacturer. (Remember, this happens in the pet styling industry and you will need to know the procedure.)


From time to time students may bring their own pets in to work on as a demo. All pets brought in for demonstration must be cleared in advance through the instructor.


Students may not bring their children for any reason. They will have to make other arrangements.


There are designated areas for parking which will be discussed the first day of class.